#004 – Creative Sex

Creative Sex, the menu of your life

When you make love, is it always very similar? Creative Sex is all about adding some spice to your love making ….

#003 – Finding Her Erogenous Zones

Her Erogenous Zones

Hi there…! One of the things that guys often ask me, is what are the best places to touch a woman to get her excited? In other words, what are her erogenous zones? First of all, I firmly believe that a woman’s biggest erogenous zone is between her ears! If you can get into a […]

#002 Stress Reliever – Massage

Without exception, every woman that I ever knew appreciated a massage.

Hi there…! During this time with the Corona Virus, we are all spending a little bit more time at home. For some of us, this can be stressful. For others, it is a welcome break from the daily grind into and out of the city every day. I am lucky enough to be able to […]

#001 Your first step towards having a more fulfilled sex life

Your First Step Towards Having a More Fulfilled Sex Life Hi there…!   Welcome to my first post on “How to Be Better in Bed”   The first thing I wanted to say, is congratulations! By reading this, you are taking the first step towards having a more fulfilled sex life.   It is 04:28 […]