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One of the things that guys often ask me, is what are the best places to touch a woman to get her excited? In other words, what are her erogenous zones?

First of all, I firmly believe that a woman’s biggest erogenous zone is between her ears! If you can get into a woman’s head, then she is yours. Hook, line, and sinker. Just reel her in… I’ll talk more about that in other posts.

But for this post, I would like to concentrate on finding the physical places that your woman likes to be touched. Amazingly enough, quite a lot of men have never gone around exploring their woman’s bodies and just concentrated on her lips, her breasts, or her vagina. This is a real shame because there is normally so much to discover…

Hopefully, you saw my last post “#002 Stress Relief: A Massage for Her”, tried it out, and found a few places that your woman likes to be touched.

Today I would like you to deliberately go exploring her body for how she likes to be touched. The next time that you and your woman are taking some quality time together, get her to strip off completely under the covers and then start exploring all of her body. If your woman is happy to talk during sex, then get her to tell you what she likes and doesn’t like. If she finds it too distracting, then listen to her breathing and watch her body intently to find out how she reacts to your touch.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your woman what she likes. But don’t be surprised if she can’t tell you.”

Her Erogenous Zones
Her Erogenous Zones
Tip Number 1: Do Not Miss Any Part of Her Body Out

From a man’s point of view, women have some very odd places that they find sexy.

Some of her possible special places that might not have occurred to you are:

My point is, almost anywhere could either be a complete turn-on for your woman – or a complete turn-off. You need to find out what she likes and what she doesn’t. Then, if for example, she enjoys being stroked on the neck, you can be sitting in a restaurant eating dinner together and gently stroke her neck. Getting her perfectly primed for when you both get home…

Don’t be afraid to ask your woman what she likes. But don’t be surprised if she can’t tell you. Because no other lover has ever gone looking for her best places to be touched before, she will probably not even know herself. Just by taking the trouble to ask and look for her erogenous zones, you are probably going to get onto her good side.

Tip Number 2: Try Different Types of Touch

Before I go into this one a little more, think for a moment about how you like to be touched yourself. For example, I enjoy a firm touch on my back. But I hate the feel of a sharp chin digging into me. If my woman rubs my arm quickly, it feels uncomfortable, but to be held or to be touched with slow firm strokes feels nice.

It is the same for your woman. A stroke feels different from a kiss, which feels different from being sucked, which feels different to a firm massage, which … you get the idea.

Let’s start with the ears. An amazing number of women like to have their ears touched. One partner of mine was almost orgasmed, just from having her ears touched … which I found to be quite incredible. But what exactly your woman likes is going to be very individual. Some women like a very gentle stroke across the top of the ear, barely touching the (very small) hairs that grow there. Others like to have their ear lobes sucked. Often blowing into her ear is a turn-on. Note: We are talking about a very gentle breath here; as if you were trying to steam up a window. I’ve never known a woman who enjoys a strong blast of air as if you were trying to blow out a candle or make a whistle!

Tips for finding her erogenous zones:

  1. Touch her everywhere: do not miss out any part of her body
  2. Try different types of touch
  3. She will enjoy different things at different times
Tipp 3: She Will Enjoy Different Things at Different Times

When a woman is only slightly aroused, then she is typically far more sensitive than when she is just about to orgasm. A very gentle touch could be erotic in foreplay and be barely noticed (or worse, distracting) when she is close to coming.

To add to the complexity, women often like to be touched differently at different times of the month. The breasts of one woman that I knew became extremely sensitive at her time of the month and I need to handle them with great care. The rest of the month, she much preferred rougher handling.

You also don’t want to go through the same touches every time that you make love. One of the good things about finding all the different places that your woman likes is that you can add more variety to your love life.

Think of it this way: I love a good hamburger. (Ideally homemade or from a quality burger restaurant…) Even so, I wouldn’t want to eat one every night. It would just get boring and I would soon be searching for something new. Making love is the same. Knowing her “gourmet touches” is great. But if you can use two or three different ones each night, then you are more likely to keep her interested, happy, and interested in exploring sex together with you.

Finally, never forget that people change over time. As in all parts of your life, as you grow in experience, your interests change. This is just as true in your sex life as it is anywhere else…

Have fun hunting for her erogenous zones!

I look forward to talking to you next week.

Have fun and stay safe.