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During this time with the Corona Virus, we are all spending a little bit more time at home. For some of us, this can be stressful. For others, it is a welcome break from the daily grind into and out of the city every day.

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home. For me, that is great. I love the peace and quiet. If I need to talk on the phone, I don’t need to worry about disturbing others working at the next desk. For me it is great. The capabilities that the internet has brought us over the past couple of decades is a miracle that most of us take for granted now. But the ability to connect up with people all over the world never ceases to amaze me.

For some of the people that I work with, it is a different story. Unlike my responsible teenage daughter, they have small kids at home. Homeschooling can be very challenging (read “hell”) on top of work as well as losing the social contact that they were used to.

This got me thinking in terms of stress relievers…

“Without exception, every woman that I ever knew appreciated a massage.”

Massage: A Stress Reliever…

Massage is a wonderful way of relieving stress. In my experience, this is true for both the giver and the receiver.

Back in my youth, I used to be a hobby dancer. Unusual perhaps for a man. Aside from the fact that I loved to dance, it had the added benefit that there were often only two or three men in the class together with 10-15 women. Why do I mention this? Well, one weekend the dance school offered a massage course. Over the course of a weekend, we all learned about the different muscle groups and how to relax them. The class was small so that we practically had one-on-one tuition.

My girlfriend of the time appreciated the occasional massage and I the next few years attending odd courses or just practiced my skills.

Without exception, every woman that I ever knew appreciated a massage.

What is the Advantage to You of Learning Massage?

First of all, it is a great way to better learn your woman’s body.

You can use the opportunity to find out how she enjoys being touched and where she enjoys being touched. You get to spend about half an hour touching and feeling her beautiful, naked skin and body.

The better that you get at it, the more that she going to want to get naked and have your hands on her. (You get the picture…?)

Today you can get good massage courses in most places. Particularly if you are a couple. (Which means your woman gets to learn about your body as well…) But just in case you can’t find a local course, there are quite a few online now. (When I get the time, I would like to create my massage course to support this website. Sorry, not there just yet…)

There are also quite a few good books around. If you are buying a book, look for one with a ring binder. That will let you leave the page open on the floor while you are practicing on your woman.

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  1. For your first massage(s), start with the goal of creating a relaxing massage (not an erotic one)
  2. Make sure she is warm and comfortable
  3. Clear your head and be relaxed and confident yourself

Important Tips:

When you are first learning to massage your woman, make it clear for both of you that it is not a prelude to sex. The idea is just to have a massage. Your true goal while you are learning is to get to understand her body better. This will pay dividends when you next have sex. It will also get her more comfortable with the idea of being naked around you. Never a bad thing…

Make sure the room is warm and comfortable. It will be very difficult for your woman to relax and enjoy your touch if she is cold or uncomfortable. Have towels or covers available to cover up the parts of her body that you are not massaging if necessary.

Don’t buy expensive massage oils to start with. A simple baby oil from the local supermarket will work very well. Later on, you can buy oils with a scent that she enjoys.

If you intend to have sex directly after the massage, be aware that you will need to use a silicon-based gel. Oils cause condoms to split or burst!

Finally. Your hands will transmit your emotions to your woman. If you are nervous, it will make her nervous as well. If you are just rushing or bored, she will feel that way as well. If you are confident and relaxed, she will soon feel confident and relaxed as well. (Reading between the lines: if you are sexually excited, she will pick up on that as well.)

So: clear your head before you start the massage. Concentrate on how you want her to feel. Then start the massage.

Start by aiming for just a relaxing massage and getting to know her body better. The rest will come later…

Talk to you next week!

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