Your First Step Towards Having a More Fulfilled Sex Life

Hi there…!


Welcome to my first post on “How to Be Better in Bed”


The first thing I wanted to say, is congratulations!

By reading this, you are taking the first step towards having a more fulfilled sex life.


It is 04:28 am as I sit here writing this. My woman is upstairs sleeping. I was just too restless after our evening together to sleep properly. So, I thought I would take some time to work on this blog and get my thoughts together.

I had been brainstorming the other day about what I wanted to write about. I was amazed at just how many subjects came to mind in such a short space of time. My biggest question, was “where should I start?”

The Man’s Job…

In most relationships, it is the man’s job to initiate sex and the woman to resist if she is not interested. That may not seem fair – especially in today’s equal opportunity world. But it has benefits for us men: When we want sex, we get to be active in pursuing it. If we don’t want feel like sex right now (tired from work, still exhausted from last night, whatever, …) then we are under zero pressure to perform. We just don’t do it.

Because we initiate sex, we generally also steer what happens next. That means that it is our responsibility to make sure the woman enjoys herself. If she doesn’t, she is far less likely to meet our advances happily next time.

In an ideal world, we want the woman to enjoy herself so much, that she hungrily waiting for us to touch her again…

So How Do You Get From Where You Are Now To a Fulfilling Sex Life…?

So how do we get her to want to say “Yes” to you having a more fulfilled sex life?

Well, there are some obvious points: getting enough sleep, finding the time (couples with children will know exactly what I am talking about), and so on.

There are some skills that are useful to know.

But more important are:

The first is the most important, but any one of these factors has the ability to improve your sex life. Together, they make an almost unbeatable combination…!

And all of these are things that you can easily learn and improve with a little practice!

Say "Yes" to having a more fulfilled sex life
Say “Yes” to having a more fulfilled sex life

I am a nerdy kind of a guy. Social skills are not my best act. In short, I am exactly the kind of person that you would expect to have zero sex life.

In fact, I have a truly fulfilling sex life. So, if I was able to bring my game up to speed, so can you…

Talk to you next week!

Have a great week.

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