When reading Cabert’s post on “erogenous zones”, it all sounded a bit tricky. First, you need to find out where each woman personally likes to be touched. Then, what she likes is different depending on the time of the month – and may I add, it also depends on the mood she is in. And yes, we women can be longing for some rough handling one day and desire some very soft and warm cuddles the next. To be honest, it can change from one minute to the next, and often we don’t even know what we want right now.

“When you handle us with care, we are more than happy to engage in your moods, let you try out new things and simply follow your lead.”

– Jasmin

Don’t despair…

When you handle us with care, we are more than happy to engage in your moods, let you try out new things, and simply follow your lead.

Growing up, we girls were told to be good and decent, so a lot of women do not express their wishes regarding sex. This might make them look needy. Horny, or trashy. That is simply not what a good and decent girl is. (Books such as “Good girls get to heaven, bad girls get everywhere” are not changing this feeling.) You taking the trouble to find out what we like is therefore great!

What do I mean by “handle us with care”? I mean paying attention. It is no use touching your woman while you are watching football or doing anything else. We notice when you consider “just touching” us (without having sex) as a necessary add-on you think you have to deliver to get to the real thing later.

But when you focus completely on moving your hands all over our bodies, exploring every inch of our skin, enjoying every moment of it, that makes us feel special, loved, desired, deeply connected to you, and simply happy to be with you.

A Word of Advice…

Your woman may get a bit stiff when you touch parts of her body she thinks are imperfect. (We women find a lot about our bodies imperfect for reasons you probably do not understand). This stiffness might feel like resistance or that she does not like to be touched by you. It would however be very sad if that made you stop touching her altogether.

Try again: Start in the dark, under the covers. Show her how much you enjoy touching her and that it gives you pleasure, too. How to show her? In whatever way you usually show joy: groaning, moaning, kissing her skin, telling her. Maybe you are the type who speaks like a hero in a historical romance, then (only then) do it.

I melt like wax under my man’s hands – and it gives me an extra thrill when he wants to eat me…

Touching in Public Places…

About that “touching in a restaurant” tip. It would seem, that we are a bit shy when our man touches parts of our body, that are generally felt to be a bit too private to touch in public. And we may appear to be a bit uncomfortable when the touch is highly sensual – even on body parts that are okay to be touched in public.

But actually, deep inside, we love it when our man shows in public that he wants us. You can play with this and touch your woman as intensely as the social norms of the place will allow – making the people around you feel hot. Adjust the intensity to how much your woman (and you) care about how others react to you (e.g. some young and inexperienced waiter may feel awkward and spill your drinks while serving you). You also need to be aware (and stop) if there are children in the room who can see you.

But, your woman will feel as if all other women in this place secretly envy her for having a passionate lover and for what most certainly will happen later that night after you leave the restaurant.