Going shopping with your partner is not top of the list of fun activities for most men. Speaking for myself, I like to go into a shop, buy what I want and then go home again. Browsing. Trying on 15 items that I am probably never going to buy is just not my idea of fun.

But, most women love to go shopping. It is the whole getting out of the house, being amongst other people, bright lights, and shiny new clothes that they really enjoy experiencing.

So how can we make this a fun sexy event that both men and women can enjoy? My suggestion is to play a game of “bounty hunter”.

This works best in a large mall or shopping center. You can play just for fun or agree on some kind of prize for the winner (oral sex? A massage? To have your back washed in the bath or shower?)

Mall or shopping center

On arrival, you both split up. Agree on a chunk of time to get your serious shopping done. Speaking as a man, 20-30 minutes. Your woman is more likely to want double that. (My advice is to agree on the longer time, take a book or a game on your phone and sit in a coffee bar once you are done.)

You also need to agree on how long you will play for. The first time you play, try an hour. Also agree to call each other directly if something happens and you need to stop the game for some reason.

Image by Kasjan Farbisz from Pixabay

Once the agreed time for the serious shopping is over (get your woman to set an alarm on her phone), then your woman needs to send you a selfie of herself with some background to give you a hint as to where she is.

Then it is down to you to find her. Go hunt her down bounty hunter!

Depending on how long you are playing for, she needs to send you a new selfie every 5-10 minutes from her current location. If she wants to win, she will move right after she has taken the picture. If you are lucky, she will be stuck in a queue to pay for some new item that has just caught her eye.

Agree before the start of the game on what happens when you catch her. Is she allowed to run off? Can you slap her into a pair of Handcuffs? Will you tie her wrists with bondage tape or rope (look up how to tie texas handcuffs)? Be careful with real handcuffs, they can really hurt if not used carefully.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Be a gracious winner or a good loser. The fun is in the game and what you do together afterward.

Play safe and have fun!