In “Sex 101 #001 – Sex, My First Time” I talked about my disastrous first time having sex.

One of the mistakes that I had made before my first time, was struggling with the condom. Of course, condoms are important to anyone who does not want to catch a sexual disease or pay child support for the next 20 years. So, you want to feel comfortable using one.

In an ideal world, what you want to be able to do is: to cuddle and kiss your girl. Both of you get sexually aroused. You slip off your trousers, jeans, underwear. Either you (partially) undress her, or she undresses. Then, reach for your condom package, open it, slip on the condom correctly all while both you and your partner stay aroused.

Finally, you need to have sex, take the condom off without losing the sperm, and cuddle afterward.

Pfew… That’s a lot to do whilst also trying to enjoy the moment and pleasure your girl.

Tip 1: Put Your Condoms Where You Easily Reach Them

If you are going to be doing it at your place, then placing the condoms in a wide dish under your bed where you can reach them easily is a big help. Instead of searching through your jacket or trouser pocket, you can just reach over the side of the bed and pick one up.

Putting some inside a decorative box, but within easy reach of your couch or sofa is also a good idea.

If her place is the venue, then make sure that you know exactly where they are and that you can find them easily – even if your clothes are in a heap on the floor!

Tip 2: Have at Least 3 Condoms Available

You would be surprised just how often you need a second condom. Trust me: you would rather have it with you and not need it than miss out on a lost opportunity!

If this is your home, it should be no problem to have three (or thirty!) condoms around. When visiting her place, put a couple in your jacket or bag and not just one in your jeans.

Man opening a condom package

Tipp 3: Practice Putting Your Condom On

It is one thing opening up a condom packet by full daylight and pulling it over a banana or a dildo; it is quite another to be doing the same thing in the dark, under a blanket while your girl is eagerly waiting for you to finish.

Lie in your bed in the dark or with your eyes closed and get yourself an erection. Then try and put your condom on.

  • Did you find your condoms easily?
  • Did you open the package OK?
  • Did you put the condom on the right way round?
  • Did you still leave the little reservoir at the tip?
  • Did you manage to stay erect during the whole process?

If the answer to any of the above is “no”, then try again another night until you can smoothly get it right.

General Advice About Condoms

Don’t use a condom that is too large. If you do, there is a good chance it will slip off whilst you are having sex. Condoms can stretch a lot. Too tight is better than too loose.

Check the packet: Throw away a condom that is out of date, has a damaged package, or no longer feels like a small air cushion. Old, dried out or damaged condoms will not protect you properly.

After you have ejaculated (cum), withdraw from your girl carefully making sure you take the condom (and your cum) with you. Take it off and throw it away. Then cuddle with your girl. Don’t have sex again without putting on a new condom first.

If your girl is a little dry when you enter, try using some lube (lubricant) first. Silicon-based lube is the best. Petroleum-based products cause condoms to split. Water-based lube is better than nothing but often dries out too quickly.

Play safe, have fun,