Sex is sensual.

In this post, we are going to experiment with your partner’s sense of touch. For this, you will need a simple body brush which you can pick up online or from any good drug store.

You can either pick up just a single brush that you like the feel of or get yourself a complete set to play with.

Set of body brushes

Your next task is to get your partner naked, relaxed, and ready to try something new. Definitely make sure that she feels warm and comfortable while you are experimenting.

Start by using the body brush to gently brush her back. Give it a bit of time before you ask for her feedback. It will take a moment for her to get used to the sensation. Then try different strokes. Every woman is different. Some have very sensitive skin and find a light touch stimulating. Other women, particularly women who do a lot of sport, may find a light touch ticklish and prefer a slower but stronger stroke.

Body Brush

Look for a brush with a strap on the back. That makes it so much easier to concentrate on your woman and what you are doing. You don’t want to be concentrating on not dropping the brush!

The feedback that I have received in general, is that long slow brushes can feel more relaxing and intense. Short, quick brushes can stimulate the skin and sensitize it to other kinds of touch.

If your partner is enjoying the attention of being brushed on her back, try moving over her buttocks and down her legs.

Turning her over, you will need to be more gentle with the inside of her thighs or her pubic hair. Avoid her belly completely or just use a very light stroke. When stroking her breasts, you are probably going to get your best results if you stroke from the base of the breast towards the nipple.

If you have invested in a set of brushes, you may also want to try them out and find out which one your partner likes the best.

Once her skin is all brushed and sensitive, you may want to just stroke her with your hand or a very soft fabric.

Now that you have lavished lots of attention on her, hopefully, she is feeling happy, relaxed, loved, valued, and sexy. Time to move on to the next step in the game and have your wicked way with her.

Play save and have fun