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To be better in bed, you first need to get your woman into your bed! The art of seduction can be broken down into a number of stages. Today I want to talk about dating.

Dating is probably one of the most challenging things that we do in our lives. Sometimes we date because we just want sex. Other times we date because we are looking for someone to share our lives with. Sometimes we look for one thing and find something completely different. [Shoulder shrug. That’s life…]

I feel that there are seven key factors to successfully dating. These seven factors change the rules of the game. They put you in charge and make sure you get to spend time with the women that you want to be with.

Key Successful Dating Factor Nr. 1: Know What You Want

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people have never taken half an hour to actually sit down think about the kind of person that they want to be with. They dive into internet dating and have no idea at all about what they are looking for. Unsurprisingly, they are not in charge of their fate and often end up giving up in frustration.

The goal of dating is not to date as many people as possible. It is to date the ones that you are interested in. So, take a bit of time now and think about who you actually want to date? If you could describe your perfect partner, what would they be like?

Key Successful Dating Factor Nr. 2: Be Interested in Her

You will probably have to start the conversation going, so have a couple of opening questions in your mind. After that, try to get her to talk as much about herself as you can. Steer her toward the parts of her life that are more interesting to you by asking her more about them.

Try to avoid talking too much about yourself. Of course, you need to answer her questions openly and honestly. You certainly don’t want to leave the impression that you have something to hide! But you also want to be more interested in listening to her than you are in talking about yourself.

If you find yourself talking a lot about yourself, take a breath. Say, “That’s enough about me. Would you tell me how you feel about …” and pick some topic out of the recent news or something that you happen to know she is interested in.

Key Successful Dating Factor Nr. 3: Be Relaxed and Confident

The feedback from women about dating is that it can be quite scary. They are going out to meet some man that they have never met before. Quite often, no-one knows where they are. If you look at it from that point of view, it is understandable that they can find it a little bit scary. If you are relaxed and confident, women will respond to that and will very quickly relax and start to open up and enjoy themselves.

Of course, the truth is, that most men have no idea what they are going to say and are so nervous about making a good impression that they find it impossible to relax and just enjoy themselves. I remember that I used to find the idea of talking to women so challenging, that I would never approach them and lived a kind of half-life waiting for them to notice me. They probably thought I was never really interested enough to ask them out…

There are a number of simple and easy exercises that you can do that will really help you here. I speak from experience here. Once you take the right steps to build your confidence, it is a game-changer.

Believe in Yourself

Next week, I’ll cover the other four successful dating factors. I look forward to speaking with you then…

Have fun!